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Sponsors and Volunteers Needed
Hope Reigns Ranch believes no person who has a sincere willingness to participate should be denied the opportunity to experience our program. In giving we enrich the lives of others as well as our own. Consequently we depend on individual and corporate sponsorships to help by providing the following opportunities by:
Sponsors Volunteers


Sponsor a horse for $175 for a month; or provide a partial sponsorship monthly or as a one time gift for: 

  • Hoof care- $30.00

  • Bag of grain $15.00

  • Hay $3-$4 a bale or $60.00 month

  • Stall bedding- $7.00 bag( 5 per month per horse)

  • Suppliments/vitamins $60.00 bag

  • Deworming medicine $12.00 tube

  • Pain medicine for Major-$40.00 month

  • Vet care, $125.00 2X year

  • Dentist $175.00 per year


For more details, call the Hope Reigns Ranch Director regarding scholarships or sponsorships.


How to donate or much needed gifts in kind, please send inquiry here, Contact Us.




  •  Make New Friends

  •  Enjoy the Outdoors

  •  Share a Passion or a Skill

 Do you enjoy….

  •  Horse care

  •  Working with kids

  •  Art and/or Music

  •  Gardening

  •  Crafts

  •  Scrapbooking

  •  Building Projects

Share your time and talents with others!!

Volunteers are needed to help with horse care, stable and farm chores, vocations skills, gardening, music, assisting with arts and crafts projects and summer camp programs. Volunteers are needed to assist instructors with riders during therapeutic riding sessions.

Other areas: Fund-raising, public relations and marketing, rider recruitment, volunteer recruitment, and office help.

Volunteers participate in Volunteer Training Programs.

  Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities.pdf

Volunteer Forms

The following forms are required for every Volunteer. Please click on each, download the form and complete. Return completed forms to the Director.

Volunteer information form.pdf
Volunteer Confidentiality Statement.pdf
Volunteer authorization for emergency medical form.pdf
Release of Liability.pdf
Proper Dress for Volunteers.pdf
Medical History.pdf
Criminal Background Check Authorization.pdf
Attendance Sign In Sheet.pdf

You may need an Adobe PDF reader to view and print these forms. A free reader can be found at the web site
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