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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)


EAP is one of the most effective forms of experiential therapy.  It is a solution-based therapy, which uses interactive activities in place of traditional sessions where you “talk” and a therapist “listens.”  These services often produce better results in a shorter period of time. 


In EAP, the therapy team, which consists of a certified and licensed psychotherapist, a certified horse professional, and horses, design sessions to accomplish your goals for improving your self image, communications skills, and relationships.


EAP helps you discover new, more effective solutions for life’s challenges.  And it’s fun!! Ninety-five percent of all EAP activities are “on the ground”.


EAP is useful for individuals and groups of all ages with:


¨ Behavioral issues

¨ Attention Deficit Disorder

¨ Substance Abuse

¨ Eating Disorders

¨ Abuse Issues

¨ Depression   

¨ Anxiety

¨ Relationship Issues

¨ Communication Problems

¨ Autism


Learn valuable new skills such as:


¨ Assertiveness

¨ Defining boundaries

¨ Problem-solving

¨ Leadership

¨ Responsibility

¨ Teamwork

¨ Relationship-building

¨ Confidence/self-esteem

¨ Character development

¨ Conflict resolution   




Equine Facilitated Learning
(EFL) Opportunities


Could your child be suffering from nature-deficit disorder?  Nature is not just a form of leisure; it’s a critical part of child development.  Nature is directly connected to our health because it helps us feel better physically and psychologically.





Led by a certified horse professional, EFL promotes holistic, experiential exploration of feelings and behaviors.  It occurs when  Person is interacting with the environment, people, and animals.  “Learning by doing” may take place during a workshop or regularly scheduled sessions.  Hope Reigns Ranch provides a natural backdrop for experiential activities which allow participants to enjoy the outdoors and experience the wonder of God’s creation.


Experiential programs for individuals and groups:


Specifically for Youth

¨ At Risk Youth

¨ Behavior Disorders

¨ Life Skills Training

¨ Leadership Training

¨ Special Needs

¨ Cowgirl Camp

¨ Cowboy Camp



¨ Horse, Hearts and Hope

¨ Spiritual Retreats

¨ Personal Development


Experiential Activities

¨ Horsemanship

¨ Farm Projects

¨ Gardening

¨ Day Camps

¨ Hiking

¨ Nature Education

¨ Expressive Arts

¨ Therapeutic Riding


Church Groups


Corporate Team Building